Trying to find the culprit that is causing your American or English Cream Golden’s allergies and itching skin can be very difficult at times. The most common allergens for the American and the English Cream Goldens are found in food, fleas, and environmental.

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English Cream Goldens Allergies

Some of the most common allergies that Goldens are allergic to in their food are: dairy, soy, beef, and wheat. Although, I have heard of some poultry products, it is usually an item within that food that is the true cause. If you suspect food allergy, remember to transition them slowly over to the new food you are trying and keep them on it for a couple of months in order to really see a difference before trying another food.

Additional Known Allergens

Fleas can cause allergies, but it is actually the flea salvia that is the problem. We use Sentinel here at Wisteria Ranch for controlling fleas. It controls fleas, plus is their monthly heartworm preventive, as well as a wormer for round, hook, and whipworms, the most common worms that effect dogs.

There are environmental allergens that also effect our Goldens; carpet cleaners, shampoos, grass, vaccines, etc. It is the chemicals within these products that are the cause of the allergic reaction.

When trying to discover the what is the true cause of your Golden’s itching and scratching, remove or change only one thing at a time within their diet or environment. In many ways, English Cream Goldens Allergies have similarities to our own. Using the process of elimination gradually so there is not undue transitional stress, will often reveal the cause.

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