Debbie, He sat up in his crate for the first five minutes or so, and then laid down most of the rest of the way back to home. I had to stop for gas at one point, and he looked a little concerned, but he was fine once I got back in the car. We did get 4-5 inches of snow overnight, but the roads didn’t start to get bad until the last twenty miles or so.

Other first night observations/comments:

  1. We’re named him “Deacon”, and shorten it to “Deac”. He seems to be picking that up pretty quickly.
  2. It’s amazing that he’s already housebroken to such a great degree. We just take him out when we should, he gets right to it, and then right back in the house.
  3. We have a crate set up in our room, so he slept near our bed. He moved around a bit at about 3 AM, but he made it all the way through the night. Didn’t expect that either!
  4. He has a wonderful temperament, as you had described. He’s already bonding with everyone here, and a good sense of the layout of the house, and couldn’t be a more perfect fit.
  5. I didn’t think to mention it in the parking lot yesterday, but he’s a really nice looking pup.

His pictures on the net looked good, but he looked better in person. It was quite cold yesterday when we met, and I think all three of us were eager to get back in the cars and out of the wind, but I wanted to thank you again for all you’ve done.

From the proper breeding of the dogs in the first place to produce such a great little guy, to helping me through the selection process to make sure we chose the right pup for our family. During our initial phone conversation, I asked you a question comparing Deac and his brother, and Billy went right out, looked at the two, and came back and gave me the answer. It’s about going the extra mile. I’m sure you’ll remember that I originally called about a female from a different litter.

After we talked, you felt Deac would be the better fit for us. I can’t speak about the female, but you couldn’t have gotten it more “right” than you did with Deacon. That means a lot to our whole family.

Thank you,