I receive many questions about Wisteria Ranch each day. “Where is it located? We are in Parks, AR. We have 15 acres, which is almost completely fenced.

Many families ask “how are your dogs raised?” We do have a kennel building that is climate controlled for our adults, with huge fenced areas surrounding the building.

We have two fenced areas that connect to the “Golden Pond,” which was built just for the Goldens to swim in. They have been known to “break” the ice in the winter to have a quick swim. Brrrr…

We don’t have concrete runs; our English Cream Goldens have plenty of land in which to run, swim, and play.

We keep a few dogs in each area and they are rotated daily for their turn in the pond, as well as the “play” area which is a big fenced area back behind our house. This is an extra big area, as all our fenced areas are large.

Our females give birth inside our home in an area we have created just for the moms and puppies.

When the puppies are about 4 weeks of age, we move them to an area (still in our home) that has a doggie door. The mom helps to train them to go potty outside and keep their living area clean.

We have crates in this area without the doors, so they begin to get used to sleeping in them. We do put them in a few minutes each day with the door closed and gradually increase that time to about an hour.

At about 6 ½ weeks to 7 weeks we begin crating them at night. We either have them in our bedroom with crates on each side of our bed or Billy sleeps in the family room with them. We crate train as a gradual process, as to get them comfortable with being in the crate.

This helps with the plane ride for those puppies we ship, as well as the transition to their new homes.

We put a lot of love, time, and care into raising our puppies, to provide a healthy, well adjusted pet for families!

We hope you enjoy a few photos of our place here at Wisteria Ranch!

Many Blessings,
Billy & Debbie