Debbie and Billy, We don’t even know how to begin to tell you how we feel about you and how you take care of your puppies. When we had our first conversation on the phone I just knew we clicked. You and Billy feel the same way we do about chemicals and that “natural is better”. When we visited Wisteria Ranch and experienced (and experienced is exactly the right word) we were amazed at how healthy and happy your moms and dad and puppies were. It was Golden and English Cream Heaven. Choosing our Bella was next to impossible. Thank goodness she chose us. We absolutely are in love with our Bella. Our vet said she is an amazingly healthy puppy. She is also well adjusted and already potty trained. We are looking forward to a long and exciting future with Bella and the Franklins. God Bless you and Billy and Honey, Aspen , Sugar, Faith, Libby, and Frisco.

The Ziegler’s – proud owners of Wisteria’s Southern Belle