Debbie, I just wanted you to know how great Barkley is doing! He is absolutely beautiful–he looks just like Aspen. He weighs 83 lbs. and is 25 inches tall. Everywhere we go, people stop to tell me how beautiful he is. He loves people! He is so smart, kind, gentle, and affectionate. When the lady that runs the dog therapy program tested him, she said he was the kindest and most easy going dog she had ever tested especially since he was still so young.

The first time we went to the nursing home, it was just like he automatically knew he suppose to make those old people feel better. As soon as he walked though the door, he was amazing– he shook hands, he sat, he laid down by their wheel chairs, and he put his head on their bed so they could pet him. We will start working on our certification in February. He is amazing! He has just joy in his face and in his personality!