I wanted to send you more pics of Bailey so you can see her growing up. She is such a beautiful girl and she has done very well with at home training via me and Mattie (Beagle mix) :) We are getting her more formal training when she turns 4 months. She is very people friendly and loves the kids. When the kids and dogs have play time outside she is always close by the kids which is EXACTLY what I was wanting! We also have a tendency of spoiling our dogs like we spoil our kids and she takes very well to the spoiling :) Who wouldn’t, right? She has moments of puppy chewing but for the most part she sticks to her toys, which amazes me because the kids toys and her toys would be very confusing for a puppy to decipher but for the most part she does very well.

Here are a few pics I put in pic collages….so I could send you more pictures in one!


J. & the whole family