Good Day. I thought I would send an update on Andy. He is over a year old. Still just as sweet and lovable as ever. He’s now being trained for his CGC. He is almost there. Andy is extremely smart and catches on to anything. There is still some pupply in him. Sometimes I think he gets excited to see people just because he knows they will stop and pet him. He is so gorgeous you can’t help but stop and give him some love. We have had many people stop us and tell us what a beautiful dog we have. (on that note, Andy looks at them like, “What dog, there’s not a dog here. I’m human just like them.) From the sounds of all this, it sounds like he is very spoiled. Well,,,,, yes he is. He is my sweet baby.
Thank you again for all the hard work and effort ya’ll put into breeding an excellent breed of dogs with the best personalities and genes. We are so blessed to have found you and get such a sweet, “spoiled”, loving dog. He is truly a big part of our family.
Have a blessed day.

Rachael Bairnsfather