Hi Everyone,

Well, I guess I missed March! Where did the month go? We have had so much rain here and parts of Arkansas are flooded. Our thoughts and prayers are with those during this difficult time. Thank you to all the people that wrote and checked on us. We are very thankful that we only have very wet soggy ground.

We also got lots of snow. We do not get snow very often, but got 4 inches one day and a few days later got another 8 inches! It didn’t stay long, but was lots of fun while we had it. I took a few photos to share with you!


Our “Golden” Pond


Libby playing in the snow with her puppies!


Libby’s “Gracie” – In the Snow

We are in the process of building new fences and areas for our Goldens and their puppies. I will send pictures as soon as we have everything set up. We are redesigning the areas, so everyone has easier access to the pond to have their turn to go swimming! We are ordering trees to go around the kennel and pond to provide lots of shade as well.

We are creating an “exercise” play area for the puppies and ordering play equipment with tunnels for them to crawl through and things for them to crawl on and over! We are very excited about getting it all set up and put together for them.

Hope this finds you all well and doing great!

Many Blessings!
Billy & Debbie

Health Issue

“Coprophagy – Stool Eating”

Stool eating is not only disgusting, but very unhealthy for dogs & puppies. We had this problem a few years ago and when we changed dog food, it stopped. We were feeding lamb and rice at the time. I have talked to other families that have had this problem and they also have been feeding lamb and rice. Not sure if it is connected, but if you are experiencing this type of behavior it is worth checking into.

Here is an article that I hope provides some information for you on this problem: Coprophagy

Staying Connected

Kei is a Sunny & Toby boy.


His new mommy wrote me this beautiful testimony:
” Hello Debbie, it is hard to believe that Kei is five months old already. Time does fly when you are having fun. Peter and I are both equally in love with him. Peter said that the entire neighborhood smiles at him as he walks Keinan. Remember Peter is six foot four! They do look sweet together.

This puppy has exceeded all of our expectations. He is beautiful, smart and sweet. He only had one accident in our home the entire time we have had him. He had that because he was too busy playing fetch. He fetches the ball and brings it back and drops for it to be thrown again. He is so smart that we try to invent new toys for him!

I don’t know what life was like without him. He is a very special boy. I thank you and your husband for all the love you give to each and every puppy. This little guy has truly blessed my/our life.

Love to you and to yours,
Kei’s Mommy

Thank you Jodi & Peter for providing such a wonderful home for one of our babies!



Libby & Aspen girl

Thank you Patricia for sharing! She looks right at home!



Shasta & Frisco girl

Thank you Dana for sharing! I love how you captured her having fun!

We Recommend

NuVet Vitamins

We have been using NuVet vitamins for about three years now. We really like them and recommend to them everyone — families, as well as other breeders. Our vitamin bill had increased with having the Cavaliers, Goldens, and puppies, so we thought we would cut back and within a week or so we could immediately tell a difference in the coats of our dogs. They started getting coarser in feel and was losing that silky, soft touch. We went back to the full dosage!

They are human grade vitamins, with natural ingredients provide your pet with vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, fatty acids, and amino acids. They can eliminate or significantly reduce scratching, itching, hot spots, allergies, low energy, digestive problems…etc.

I have had families write me and tell me how much of a difference it has made in their older dogs energy and coats. My mom and sister got Chihuahua litter mates. My mom had taken her “Sweet Pea” over to visit my sister’s, “Desiree”. My sister immediately noticed how shiny and soft Sweet Pea’s coat was. She called me and asked, “why hadn’t I told her about the vitamins.” Oops! Now, she is on them as well, because she wanted her puppy to look as wonderful as my mom’s!