SWSD raises and trains service dogs for people with disabilities. They have a summer camp where children come and learn how to train their dogs. Kate Morgan, the owner of SWSD brought the children on a “field trip” to play and help socialize Sugar’s litter of puppies in June. We all had lots of fun playing with the puppies. Kate took home Red puppy, now called Mia.

Kate is also fostering one of our male puppies, Chase, who is from Faith & Aspen. She is raising him to be a demo dog and if he doesn’t pass his health clearances for breeding, he will then become a service dog for a family. We have also donated one of our Cavaliers to SWSD, Archer, who is a Bella & Toby puppy.

Golden Retrievers and Labs make great pet therapy & service dogs. Kate, hearing great things about the Cavalier breed wanted to try an experiment to see how well a Cavalier would do with training to be a service dog. She is working with a family, and one of our puppies, who they have named Chloe. So far Chloe is learning quickly and doing well. She is still young, so time will tell how the Cavalier will work with this program.

Cavaliers do make great pet therapy dogs. Many of our families that have got puppies from us write and tell me how they are taking them to nursing homes to visit and how everyone loves them!

You can learn more about Kate Morgan and her services at www.southwestservicedogs.org