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We work with each individual puppy on the following commands: Sit, Down, On, Off, Right Here, Kennel, Let's Go, and This Way in order to build a foundation for becoming a trained puppy.  We work on walking nicely on a  leash providing us with a loose leash, spending time in the crate, and socialization and introduction to strange objects like boxes, trash cans, umbrellas…

Puppies are also introduced to: Wait (at the door), and Stay.  Puppies are started on manners that include not jumping up on people, not chewing on our hands… Many of our Golden Retriever puppies love to play fetch and they are introduced to learning “proper” fetch (get it, bring it, give it.)

Clicker and (treats) are used during the training process and then faded out and just commands are used.

They are familiar with the grooming table and being groomed: brushed, nails trimmed, and having ears cleaned.

We work on the housebreaking process, and none of them have had an accident in the house in a few weeks, as long as they are taken out on a consistent, routine basis by the time they go to their new family.

These puppies are considered — STARTED on training — While puppies do well with all the above commands, they will need continued training in order to “master” the commands.  At this young age, they can have lapses and set backs.  Puppies are like children in having short attention spans and need continual reinforcement of commands, consistent, patience and love.

It is important to remember that puppies do not all learn at the same level and some will be more proficient with their training than others.  Puppies also have different personalities and some love to learn and others are a bit lazy and take longer to work with.  How much training and the depth of mastering achieved is based on the age and individual puppy and they are priced accordingly.

We will provide a video showing where they are with their training, a list of commands we have used, and clicker training DVD's to help you continue with their education and training.

To see previous trained puppies in action, visit Wisteria Ranch’s YouTube Channel

Trained Puppies

Add $450 for shipping Trained Puppies.

Currently we have no trained puppies available.

Contact us for more information.

Trained puppies are English Golden Retriever (also known as English Cream Golden Retriever).


Sebastian (Harmony/Ego) is doing terrific. He has settled in and is very comfortable in his new home. We are working on his commands and he is doing very well. He follows us everywhere, but prefers that we are in the same room so he can be with both of us at the same time. He is mellow and very loving. He went to the vet Wednesday and is completely healthy. He is 48#. We are truly blessed to have him as part of our family. D & K


Baxter (Rory/Buddy) is awesome! He ate and drank and responds well to ‘baited’ commands, exactly as you said. I let him roam around the house to get familiar with all the new surroundings. He went potty outside and then we came in an discovered the big basket of toys. He is a love! He follows me everywhere I go and give kisses for a treat. He has just fallen asleep in his new crate with a toy or two. Thank you again and Melissa for such great preparation. The entire experience was better than I could have imagined from start to welcoming Baxter to his new home. I will send pictures as soon as Baxter stays still for a minute! I’m in love already!

P.S. Melissa and anyone who contributed to Baxter’s training did an awesome job – Baxter sits, shakes, rolls over, and is starting to sit at the front door when he needs to go outside for potty. Amazing. I have enrolled him (us) in a training course that starts later this month to continue what is an obvious great beginning. I wish I got two of them! Read more about Baxter…

Warmest thanks,