Previous Puppies Photo Gallery

Previous Puppies Photo Gallery

Welcome to Wisteria Goldens Previous Puppies photo gallery. This is where we have gathered our English Cream Golden Retriever Previous Puppy Litter Pages. You'll find each litter's six-week playtime video as well as available pictures. The photo gallery spans over a decade of puppies we have welcomed into our Wisteria Ranch family.

Note: Please let me know if a litter has not been listed in our Previous Puppies Photo Gallery yet. Thank you for understanding.

There are two ways to locate previous puppies in the gallery. Puppy's Year of Birth (Litters Born 2006-2014) or Puppy's Year of Birth and Parent's Names (for Litters Born 2015 forward).

Gallery Home Page:

  • For 2006-2014 litters: Please click on the year of birth201420132012201120102009200820072006
  • For 2015 litters and forward: Please scroll this page to the year of birth, and then click on the litter page link.

Photo Album Previous Litters Born 2018-2019

Photo Album: Litters born 2019

coming soon…

Photo Album: Litters born 2018

01-07-2018 Sunny/Ego

Photo Album Previous Litters Born 2016 – 2017

Photo Album: Litters born 2014 – 2015

We have eight litters in the 2014 previous puppy photo album. Four litters were born in April 2014.


Photo Album: Litters born 2012 – 2013

Previous Puppies 2013

In 2013 we have 11 previous puppy litters

in the photo album gallery.

Honor & Ego 01-19-2013

Faith & Harley 01-22-2013

Violet & Harley 01-23-2013

Zoey & Ego 02-25-2013

Harmony & Ego 03-30-2013

Genny & Thor 05-02-2013

Faith & Thor 10-01-2013

Harmony & Ego 10-01-2013

Holly & Thor 10-05-2013

Journey & Ego 10-07-2013

Tru & Ego 10-08-2013

Previous Puppies 2012

In 2012 we have 6 previous puppy litters

in the photo album gallery.

Mollie & Kane (01-13-2012)

Hope & Kane (01-24-2012)

Tru & Thor (03-22-2012)

Zoey & Harley (07-28-2012)

Nico & Thor (11-09-2012)

Tru & Ego (12-16-2012)

Previous Puppies: Litters born 2010 – 2011

Gallery Photos: Litters born in 2008 – 2009

Previous Puppies 2008

In 2008 we have 3 litters featured in the photo album

Libby & Aspen (1-07-2008)

Vega & Aspen (10-03-2008)

Sugar & Aspen (12-20-2008)

Photo Album: Litters born in 2006 – 2007

Previous Puppies 2007

You will find three puppy litters in the 2007 photo gallery album

Sugar & Aspen (05-03-2007)

Honey & Aspen (06-08-2007)

Vega & Aspen (12-06-2007)

Previous Puppies 2006

We have one litter in the 2006 photo gallery

Honey & Aspen (11-22-2006)

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