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Barbs completed Karen Pryor's Clicker Training Foundation course in the fall of 2013.

Barbs & Rick – Wisteria Goldens Co-Managers

Rick & Barbs - Wisteria Golden's Co-ManagersBarbs joined our team in 2012.  She was originally hired to help Debbie keep up with dog records, shot/worming records, ordering dog supplies etc. as it can get behind very quickly, and important to keep those necessary administrative details update-to-date, so we keep things running smoothly.

Barbs transferred over to helping support our other trainer (at the time) in taking care of all our wonderful puppies full time in 2013.  She completed the clicker-training program to become a certified trainer and has been a great addition to our team in helping to raise happy, healthy puppies.

We’ve recently made some changes and Barbs’ husband Rick is now part of our team too!  Rick has helped over the years with feeding, working with our older dogs (walking, grooming, playing) and giving extra attention to the puppies when needed, but wasn’t here consistently and now is!

Rick and Barbs are both now helping Billy and Debbie to co-manage Wisteria Goldens.  (Debbie has had some health challenges this past year.)  Barbs and Rick are living at the ranch and caring for it for it full-time.  Billy and Debbie are visiting several times a week helping with caring for the puppies, pictures, etc.  Debbie is transitioning this year on doing more administrative details, as she focuses on healing and wellness.

Barbs and Rick have a love of dogs, puppies, horses… Barbs has helped with all the administrative details, caring and raising for the puppies, and training.  Rick has helped in the past as needed and is doing great in learning all the rest of it. They are a perfect fit for our Wisteria Goldens family!

We are all working together to continue providing happy, healthy Golden Retriever puppies for families.