5 Books Every Puppy Owner Needs

If a puppy owner was stranded on an island… We believe these are the 5 books every puppy owner needs. Kidding aside, we have been gathering resources for English Cream Golden Retriever puppy and dog owners for many years. We share our experiences and our tips on training, nutrition, transitions, essential oils, and the bonds […]

Will our English Cream Golden Retrievers, please shut the door behind them?

2010 Memory: Close the Door. Originally Posted on January 10, 2017. Are our English Cream Golden Retrievers NOT aware that it is winter time? Well, even it is was summer time, they need to learn to close the door behind them! We have level door handles that our dogs have learned how to push down, push […]

The Aromatic Essential Oil Test for Dog Owners

The Aromatic Essential Oil Test for Dog Owners When using essential oils aromatically the first time, I suggest you try the aromatic essential oil test for dog owners. In this episode of our Essential Oils for Dogs series we provide an Aromatic Essential Oil Test Step by Step, Discuss how to let your dog choose […]

Why Choose Wisteria Goldens?

Why Choose Wisteria Goldens? When talking to prospective families, we are frequently asked “why should we get our puppy from you?”  This is one family’s experience about why they choose Wisteria Goldens for their English Cream Golden Retriever when looking for a new Golden Retriever family member.  Here is a succinct explanation you can share with […]

Welcoming Home your new English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

Welcoming Home Safety We love security! You are welcoming home a new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy. Although he has been introduced to the crate, now is the time to begin formal crate training. He’s accustomed to running on the ranch, and depending on the time of year and age, introduced to our “Golden” pond. He […]

Dog Bath Guide

Dog Bath Guide Bathing Dogs is a discussion I have with our families when I am asked about how to, and how often, to bathe an English Cream Golden Retriever. This Dog Bath Guide isn’t specific to English Cream Golden, however, if you are not an English Cream Golden Retriever owner please consult your veterinarian […]

Dog Gifts

Dog Gifts and Gifts for Dog Owners When you are shopping for Dog Gifts, be sure to explore these ideas. We have gathered resources from a variety of our favorites (blog posts) to give you a quick review of our recommendations over the past few years. Dog Gifts Gift Sets We have a favorite gift […]

Dangers for Dogs Pet Safe Home Guide

Dangers for Dogs: Pet Safe Home Guide discusses several safety issues to consider when you are making your home pet safe. Many of them are also issues you would consider for people and especially older adults, babies & children. The important take away from today’s article is to do the research (begin with the resources […]

Before You Get the Party Started

Before You Get the Party Started Before you get the party started, anticipate how your dog will respond to changing situations. This practice is the basis of a planned socialization routine. Think ahead about the sounds, textures, new experiences, new people, and give your dog time to adjust by practicing before the planned outing or […]