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Sugar Jazz/Ego


English Cream Golden Retriever puppy update, Happy Families, Wisteria Goldens, English Golden RetrieverSugar makes our world go round! We simply adore this puppy… she has the kindest heart, sweetest disposition, and most loving demeanor. So very thankful for her!

Sugar Jazz/Ego2018-07-19T17:37:51+00:00

Tiger (Sunny/Ego) Bo (Angel/Ego)


english cream golden retriever puppies happy family updates wisteria goldens familyTiger and Bo are the happiest men! They will not go anywhere without the other. They are truly best buddies and are the most lovely dogs. They loooove to dig holes in the back yard and come in the house as complete mud monsters, but we wouldn't have it any other way. They have enriched our lives and brought so much happiness and joy. Tiger was born 11/2/14 and Bo was born 1/29/16.

Tiger (Sunny/Ego) Bo (Angel/Ego)2018-07-20T08:49:09+00:00

Murphy (blue boy) Honey/Aspen 2007


Murphy (blue boy) Honey/Aspen 2007We have had the honor of having Murphy in our lives for 11 years. I still remember the day we came to get him!! He is the most loving, loyal Mamma’s boy I’ve ever had. We love him dearly and treasure every minute. He just had a check up and the vet said he was in excellent health. Thanks Wisteria Goldens!!!!

Murphy (blue boy) Honey/Aspen 20072018-07-18T08:01:39+00:00

Gracie (Libby/Aspen) Beau (Libby/Aspen)


Happy Families, Gracie and Beau (Libby/Aspen) puppy updatesGracie (front of photo) and Beau are now seven years old and we still consider them puppies! We are so thankful that we got both of them together. They are each others best friends. Beau is definitely the protector and the happiest and easy going dog we have ever had. He follows me wherever I go no matter where it is! The one thing Beau does not like doing is swimming. He is a good swimmer if we put him in the pool but won't ever choose to go in it by himself. Gracie is the sweetest female dog we have ever had. She is very much of a pleaser. She never wants to get in trouble but when […]

Gracie (Libby/Aspen) Beau (Libby/Aspen)2018-07-18T08:01:50+00:00

Featured This Month at Wisteria Goldens


Featured This Month Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever puppies for sale, featured articles, resources, information, training guides, health, and moreWe are gathering a Featured This Month collection to help you find seasonal information as well as the most important content on our website. This page will be updated periodically to add new pages, resources, and information. Bookmark and share. We'd love to hear what information you would like showcased here.

We've added a Puppy Training Guide List to this page as well! Now you can find all of our training guides in alphabetical order and it is automatically updated when we add new training guides.

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