Water the Dog

In this blog post, Water the Dog, we are exploring several ways to ensure our dogs are well hydrated. The importance of hydration for dogs is just as important as human hydration is. We give our dogs plenty of opportunities to drink water and let their bodies tell them when and how much. But there […]

Nap Time for Ego

At this moment, it is Nap Time for Ego and I’ve noticed he is suddenly having one of his adorable running in the field dreams. Did you know a dog needs REM sleep as much as their human companions do? The difference is humans often spend 25% of the night in REM and often stay […]

Better Skin Health Tips

As the seasons change, it is a great idea to revisit great tips for dog health. In this video, Dr. Sarah discusses Better Skin Health Tips to explore. Some highlights include: Some highlights include: The similarities and the differences between our pet’s skin and our own. Skin changes and possible causes such as bites or […]

Summer Dog Health Training Tips

Today we are gathering a list of blog posts to use as a guide to Summer Dog Health Training Tips. These are previously published topics we would like to have an easy guide to revisit or share for the first time with our new families. Let us know if there are other topics you would […]


We have had several questions in regard to the skin condition known as Ichthyosis.  Many families are unsure as to what it means to have adult dogs that are carriers, clear, or affected and how does this affect the puppy they are getting. Ichthyosis Overview Golden Retriever Ichthyosis is an inherited autosomal recessive trait.  This condition […]

Pet Health Insurance

Pet insurance has had an average annual growth rate of about 13.2% since 2009. Some breeders require new puppy owners to carry pet insurance for the first two years. Recently, I have been having more families ask me about it and if it is worth it.   When registering your puppy with the American Kennel […]

Grain Free Turkey & Berry Chewies

Your dog will love this mouth-watering, Grain Free Turkey recipe featuring free-range turkey, pumpkin, and three berries. Treats are for nutrition as well as training treats. When the treat is made with Free Range Turkey (a premium protein) plus the raspberries, blueberries and cranberries provide (for an antioxidant boost) the treat is more than just […]

English Cream Golden Retriever’s IQ

Occasionally we are asked about the English Cream Golden Retriever’s IQ and we would like to discuss the facts about our dog’s intelligence. There are many IQ tests online which state you can test your dog’s IQ by simply timing a few exercises to see how long it will take your dog to correctly respond […]

Holistic Health Empowering Pet Parents

We are dedicated to empowering pet parents with information to support their dog’s overall health and well being. Holistic Health Empowering Pet Parents is our goal and we strive to bring the best resources. Dr. Jane said “A cornerstone of the holistic approach is nutrition, because the quality and type of foods consumed will play […]

More Than Music Therapy for Dogs

More Than Music Therapy for Dogs is a discussion about holistically approaching anxiety or stress for dogs. There are times when we anticipate our dogs may be stressed or anxious. A thunderstorm or unusual sounds (fireworks for example) are often not common enough to effectively socialize during our socialization routines. We often use essential oils […]