Bred With HEART

Wisteria Goldens is a Member of  Dog Breeders Bred With HEART AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program Wisteria Goldens have consistently been committed to being in good standing with the AKC and other authorities in all areas of our business. But, our primary dedication is to raise happy and healthy English Cream Golden Retrievers. We love our families! […]

Dog Walk Run Safety Guide

This article will explore the basics of a Walk Run Safety routine. Warming up, distance, preparation, commands, and the leader’s (you or your dog walker service) responsibilities. It is important to review the sections as they apply to your dog. If you have a dog walker/runner taking your dog for walks ask about these areas […]

Natural Flea and Tick Prevention

We hosted a class in the spring on the topic of ‘Essential Oils for Pets’ and we discovered several amazing ways we can use Pure Essential Oils for our dogs. One of the most popular topics, during and since the class, was how to use certified therapeutic grade essential oils in the prevention of fleas […]

Dangers for Dogs Pet Safe Home Guide

Dangers for Dogs: Pet Safe Home Guide discusses several safety issues to consider when you are making your home pet safe. Many of them are also issues you would consider for people and especially older adults, babies & children. The important take away from today’s article is to do the research (begin with the resources […]

Penn Hip vs. OFA and What Wisteria Golden’s Chooses

Canine hip dysplasia (CHD) affects many preferred breeds, including Golden Retrievers. Several methods test for or are used to diagnose, both CHD as well as degenerative joint disease. The most popular are the tests called PennHip and OFA. Although the information on the Internet is readily available, dissemination of inaccurate information is also rampant. I’d […]

Cutting Board Snacks for Dogs

Sharing Cutting Board Snacks with our dogs isn’t always a good idea but there are a few people snacks worth mentioning which are nutritious and beneficial for dogs. Moderation is a key factor. We occasionally share cutting board snacks with our dogs for nutritional reasons as well as to provide a variety of nutritional sources […]

What should I feed my puppy?

I’m often asked “What should I feed my puppy? What do you recommend?” I have always researched the dog food and looked at the first few ingredients, as I was told that these were the most important and meat should always be the first one. The guaranteed analysis was the next important criteria. Note: This […]

Should You Shave Your Golden Retriever?

Each summer I receive many emails from families asking about “shaving” their Golden Retriever. Should you shave your golden? I did some research and found there is a risk of changing their coat when shaving them. It could either grow back thicker or not grow back properly at all. This is due to the double-coat […]

Puppy Training

Today we are sharing the improved update of our Puppy Training Guide Listing This is a list of the Puppy Training Guides we have published on Wisteria Goldens’ Blog. The Listing page will provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to transition your puppy from Wisteria Ranch to your Forever […]