Essential Oil Precautions for Dog Owners

If you have been doing research to find out what Essential Oils are safe and effective for dogs this is a great article to set your mind at ease. The controversy about Essential Oil Precautions isn’t as confusing as it may seem at first glance. The primary reason we see, contributing to the mixed information, is […]

Dangers for Dogs Pet Safe Home Guide

Dangers for Dogs: Pet Safe Home Guide discusses several safety issues to consider when you are making your home pet safe. Many of them are also issues you would consider for people and especially older adults, babies & children. The important take away from today’s article is to do the research (begin with the resources […]

New Puppy Perfect Name

One of the countless questions I hear from new puppy owners is “How do we decide on a perfect name for our new puppy?” There are many great and fun ways to discover your new puppy’s perfect name. I’ve gathered together our Top Five ways to discover your new puppy’s perfect name. We would love to […]

Pet Parents Guide Pampered Paws – Part One of Two

Balance is the watchword in this Pet Parents Guide Pampered Paws. Part One of our Two Part Guide includes Daily Check Guide, Pampering Options, and Potential Triggers. This two part article will explore the balance of softness, moisture, and health for your dog’s paw pads. Care of the padding on your dog’s feet should be […]

Latchkey Dog Day Care and Boarding

Top Questions to Ask About Safe Dog Boarding Services There may be times when the family isn’t able to take the family pet with them during a holiday or when the day’s activities keep family members away at unusually long intervals. When your pet needs daycare or overnight boarding services be sure to ask these […]

Dr Sarah Door Darting

Door darting is common if your dog has an adventurous spirit and often takes you on a game of chase, while you are trying to get to work or an appointment. This video Dr Sarah Door Darting includes tips to help you to keep your pet safe despite her motivation for door darting. Dr Sarah […]

Puppy Training

Today we are sharing the improved update of our Puppy Training Guide Listing This is a list of the Puppy Training Guides we have published on Wisteria Goldens’ Blog. The Listing page will provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to transition your puppy from Wisteria Ranch to your Forever […]

Water the Dog

In this blog post, Water the Dog, we are exploring several ways to ensure our dogs are well hydrated. The importance of hydration for dogs is just as important as human hydration is. We give our dogs plenty of opportunities to drink water and let their bodies tell them when and how much. But there […]

Nap Time for Ego

At this moment, it is Nap Time for Ego and I’ve noticed he is suddenly having one of his adorable running in the field dreams. Did you know a dog needs REM sleep as much as their human companions do? The difference is humans often spend 25% of the night in REM and often stay […]

Facebook Testimonial Showcase

We enjoy hearing from our Wisteria Goldens Family. Facebook Testimonial Showcase includes a few of the messages we’ve received recently on Facebook. Drop by to join in the conversation. Click here to us on Facebook. Facebook Testimonial Showcase 5 star ratingLoving..nurturing and just all round good environment for these beautiful amazing animals. I will go back for […]