Routine Combing for Dogs and Healthy Coats

Routine Combing for Dogs and Healthy Coats We have explored the benefits of providing regular coat grooming and the importance of understanding how to care for your dog’s coat during shedding season (click here to review our previous article). A holistic view of grooming (diet, exercise, not over bathing, and routine brushing/combing) is essential to ensure […]

English Cream Golden Retriever Grooming: Can I Weave a Blanket with All This Hair?

Is your English Cream Golden Retriever shedding excessively? Goldens shed and when the weather warms up, it can be a lot, but if you are having a continual problem with lots of hair, then there may be another cause. Dry skin and allergies can cause excessive shedding. Make sure you use a high quality shampoo […]