New Puppy Perfect Name

One of the countless questions I hear from new puppy owners is “How do we decide on a perfect name for our new puppy?” There are many great and fun ways to discover your new puppy’s perfect name. I’ve gathered together our Top Five ways to discover your new puppy’s perfect name. We would love to […]

Bringing Home New Puppy Transition Tips

Bringing Home New Puppy The transition of bringing home a new puppy is an important experience for everyone. This includes your new puppy, members of your family, other pets in your home, and visitors you have in your home during the transition time. Prepare for Bringing Home a New Puppy As soon as you know […]

Home for the Holidays

If you are bringing a puppy home during stressful times, such as the holiday season, remember this can be overwhelming for the puppy. Home for the Holidays is a list of tips to help your new puppy transition to a new home in the midst of the joyful season. Your puppy is adjusting to being […]

Early Neurological Stimulation and Rules of 7

We have developed a routine at Wisteria Ranch which has been in development over the years. We research, consult with amazing experienced people, do more research, implement, evaluate, revise, and implement again. We are consistently striving to provide the best possible lifestyle for our companions and for the puppies who will one day leave us […]

Growing Wisteria Ranch 1 Week Life Series

Growing Wisteria Ranch 1 Week Life Series. The first week of life is usually a pretty quiet week. The first few days the mom rarely leaves her puppies, usually only to relieve herself or to eat and drink. The main activity of the puppies is nursing and sleeping. Occasionally we lose a puppy during birth, […]

Growing Up at Wisteria Ranch — 2nd & 3rd Week of Life (Series)

Towards the end of the second week our English Cream Golden puppies’ eyes are beginning to open. This is a gradual process and usually takes about 24 hours to completely open. By the end of the second week usually all the puppies eyes in the litter are open. Even though their eyes are open they […]

Growing Up at Wisteria Ranch — 4 to 6 Weeks of Life (Series)

At 4 weeks our English Cream Golden puppies are moving more freely. They are interacting and playing with each other more. This is the time that we are changing their area, so that they are getting used to going potty away from their sleeping area. We have a puppy area that has a doggie door […]

Growing Up at Wisteria Ranch — 6 Weeks of Life (Series)

Around 6 week is when the most fun begins with our English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies! The puppies require much more attention at this age and interaction with not only us, but with other environments, textures, and sounds. We begin with introducing the puppies to grass, dirt, tile floors, wood, and concrete. Going on short […]