Puppy Naming Suggestions Do You Have an Idea for Us?

Do you have an idea for a puppy name? We are asking our readers and Wisteria Goldens Families for puppy naming suggestions. We kept Teal Girl from Halo's litter and having a hard time naming her.  Names have always been a bit difficult for me (there are so many to choose from.)  All help and suggestions would be appreciated.

Remember Teal Girl

Halo Litter Halo-Ego Litter six week pictures English Cream Golden Retriever puppies Wisteria Goldens Halo Litter Halo-Ego Litter six week pictures English Cream Golden Retriever puppies Wisteria Goldens Halo Litter Halo-Ego Litter six week pictures English Cream Golden Retriever puppies Wisteria Goldens

Personality: Teal Girl is a confident, outgoing, playful girl.  Nothing much fazes her.  She is affectionate and loves her one on one cuddle time. and belly rubs.  She has a nice blocky head, light ivory in color with gold dusting.  She has a mid-range energy level and is doing well in the crate.

We have tentatively been playing with Marley — I love the name, but with the movie “Marley and Me” not sure if it fits.  She is very sweet and loving.  I tend to get stuck on a letter of the alphabet and right now, we are absent of “M's”  Have you noticed at one time we had Honor, Holly, Harmony, Hope… see what I mean.

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House Training Guide

Puppy House Training GuidePuppies are most easily house trained when we take the lead, prevent accidents (by close observation and limited roaming), and praise for positive behaviors. The most common error in house training is the belief a punishment for accidents is effective.

The truth is a puppy lives in the present moment all of the time. He is unable to connect a few moments ago with the current interaction with you. Correction needs to be kind, in the moment, and accompanied by redirection and praise.

House Training Success

For a correction to be meaningful, you must catch your pup in the act. Use a strong voice and say NO or UH-UH sweep him/her up in your arms and take her out immediately! Praise your puppy when going outside — “reward” their good behavior using positive reinforcement.

House Training Routine

A routine of taking your puppy outside will work wonders for your long term success. Anticipation and attentiveness, especially until your puppy begins communicating with you, will give your puppy ample opportunities for her to potty in the proper place.

House Training Checklist

Timing and routine are key factors for house training your puppy. Take her outside regularly. If you are regularly busy and overlook the passing of time, a timer system may be helpful for you.

Take your puppy out right away:

  • * In the morning
  • * After mealtime
  • * Before and after playtime
  • * Before and after grooming time
  • * Before and after training routine
  • * Before and after traveling to an appointment
  • * Before bedtime

When you are busy it may help to set your timer for regular intervals throughout the day and take her outside.

House Training Process

Establish a routine for success. House training is a process of providing opportunities and rewarding positive behaviors. We can help her avoid house training accidents by providing supervision and taking the leadership role to establish a positive routine. Reward her as if she had chosen it and when she actually does communicate praise her enthusiastically.

Our dogs are consistently thinking about pleasing us. Be sure they know exactly how to do this and they will have positive behaviors consistently as well.

Puppy Training Guide Post and Page Listing

We have a new Puppy Training Guide on Wisteria Goldens. It is a reference list of our new and popular blog posts and information pages. We have created one page for you to find the most effective way to raise your puppy and keep your dog healthy and happy. Reference List




5 Books Every Puppy Owner Needs

5 Books every puppy owner needsIf a puppy owner was stranded on an island… We believe these are the 5 books every puppy owner needs.

Kidding aside, we have been gathering resources for English Cream Golden Retriever puppy and dog owners for many years. We share our experiences and our tips on training, nutrition, transitions, essential oils, and the bonds we build with our Wisteria Goldens' families.

5 Books Every Puppy Owner Needs

Over the years we have discovered 5 favorite books and we would encourage every pet owner to have them on hand. The following books are available on Amazon.

1. Good Owners, Great Dogs, by Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson:

2. How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With, by Clarice Rutherford & David H Neil:

3. Before & After Getting Your Puppy, by Dr. Ian Dunbar:

4. Puppy Primer, by Patricia McConnell:

5. If Dog's Prayers Were Answered, Bones Would Rain from the Sky, by Suzanne Clothier:

Raising your puppy and dog training books provide information just like parenting books – everyone has an opinion and some of them differ.  The recommended books have the same type of training concepts, but some of their approaches are different.  When reading and learning, see what fits your personality and your puppy’s.

We always recommend positive reinforcement and building a relationship with your puppy.  We feel that raising your puppy to be a confident happy dog, is the same as bringing up your child to be a well-adjusted adult – rules that are fair and everyone understands, love, consistency, praise, and reward.

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Will our English Cream Golden Retrievers, please shut the door behind them?

Door-Handle-0032010 Memory: Close the Door.

Originally Posted on January 10, 2017. Are our English Cream Golden Retrievers NOT aware that it is winter time? Well, even it is was summer time, they need to learn to close the door behind them! We have level door handles that our dogs have learned how to push down, push the door in and come on it. Now, this has only been a from the outside coming in problem — until recently.

Rory, has learned to push down, pull open and go outside! If they would ONLY close the door behind them, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem.

The other night I was in my office working and it was getting REALLY hot in here. I thought it very unusual that Billy would have cranked up the heat, but upon investigation found our kitchen door standing wide open! It was only 17 degrees outside. Boy, do I hate to get that heating bill!

Not sure how to teach them how to close the door behind them, any ideas? What is that my mom used to yell at us kids? “Close the door, you weren’t born in a barn!” Well, neither are our English Cream Golden Retrievers.

The Aromatic Essential Oil Test for Dog Owners

The Aromatic Essential Oil Test for Dog Owners

The Aromatic Essential Oil Test for Dog Owners

When using essential oils aromatically the first time, I suggest you try the aromatic essential oil test for dog owners. In this episode of our Essential Oils for Dogs series we provide an Aromatic Essential Oil Test Step by Step, Discuss how to let your dog choose an essential oil, and share three more of our favorite oils for our dogs.  If you haven’t read the other episodes in this series, or would like a link list to reference them, you will find a list at the end of this post.

Aromatic Essential Oil Test Step by Step

  1. Place a drop of essential oil on a cotton ball and
  2. put it in the room to determine your dog’s reaction.
  3. The closer to the cotton ball your dog lingers the more certain you can be he is aware of the benefits.
  4. Once you have determined the essential oil you would like to use, and the dog also approves, you can move forward to using a diffuser.

We Can Ask the Dog to Choose an Essential Oil

You may also consider letting your dog choose an essential oil method. Your dog knows which oil will be most beneficial and you can ask her by using two different oils (one drop each on separate cotton balls). Place one on one side of a room and another on the other side of a room. Place them out of reach but, watch your dog to find out which side of the room she is drawn to.

Three more of our favorite essential oils

  1. Tea Tree – Antiseptic, Antibacterial, skin irritations, first aid.
  2. Chamomile – Calming, Soothing, Analgesic, can be used diluted (coconut oil or olive oil) to calm teething pain.
  3. Thyme – Antiviral, Antifungal, excellent for infections.

Important Warning

Keep Essential Oils out of eyes, mouth, ears, and nose when using topically.

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Essential Oil Search Wisteria Goldens (Bookmark this page to check back for series updates)

Quality Essential Oil information resource DebbieFranklin.Com

Get updates about this Essential Oils for Dogs series on Facebook or subscribe to Wisteria Tails (find the Wisteria Tails sign up form in top portion of the sidebar on this page).

Learn More about Essential Oils by visiting these online and live resources, events, and workshops.

Essential Oil Precautions for Dog OwnersFacebook Events and InformationArkansas Natural Alternatives Meetup


Our pets are benefiting from essential oils, as we use them because they are in close proximity to us. We can listen to them and provide opportunities, noting what works, and listening to our intuition about what they like the best.

Read More Getting Lifestyle Right Series

natural food and pet products because they depend on you

We love to provide information to our families to support and increase optimal health of their puppies, as well as into adulthood increasing the longevity of their life!

The brand you feed is the most important decision you can make as a pet parent.

Visit our resource page: (http://wisteriagoldens.com/lifes-abundance/) and let me know if you have any questions.

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Foundational Start Routin Wisteria Goldens Ranch Newborn to eight weeks training and socialization schedule.

Previous Puppies photo album English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies born 2006-2015

Why Choose Wisteria Goldens?

Why Choose Wisteria GoldensWhy Choose Wisteria Goldens? When talking to prospective families, we are frequently asked “why should we get our puppy from you?”  This is one family's experience about why they choose Wisteria Goldens for their English Cream Golden Retriever when looking for a new Golden Retriever family member.  Here is a succinct explanation you can share with anyone considering where the best place to get their next English Cream Golden puppy.

Why Choose Wisteria Goldens Testimonial Quote

“You have a very professional website with exceptional processes for the business of locating buyers, communicating with them, scheduling key events for the litters, processing payments, and pick-up or delivery of the puppies. We obviously visited many sites and determined that Wisteria was the best operation we had seen so, of course, we are making the same conclusion about your puppies although their pedigrees (Sailor/Ego) speak for themselves. We look forward to getting our puppy and we are now trying to figure out what his name will be.”

Why Choose Wisteria Goldens Continued…

Here at Wisteria Goldens we start all our puppies on a routine in order to give them a great foundational start for continued training. Read more on our website home page.

Welcoming Home your new English Cream Golden Retriever Puppy

Welcoming Home Puppy Guide Wisteria Goldens English Cream Golden Retriever puppy training, tips, Welcoming Home Safety

We love security! You are welcoming home a new English Cream Golden Retriever puppy. Although he has been introduced to the crate, now is the time to begin formal crate training. He’s accustomed to running on the ranch, and depending on the time of year and age, introduced to our “Golden” pond. He has been given lots of room to roam and play outdoors, but what about indoors?

Many of you may think of a dog running free across a meadow as idyllic. However, he’s not always in a meadow; he’s in your house and you can prevent or minimize a lot of accidents, like him chewing your table legs, electrical cords or your favorite pair of shoes if he’s given too much freedom too quickly.

Welcoming Home Manners

Your puppy has a new home now, and just as we taught him appropriate manners and our rules here at Wisteria Goldens, you’ll have to educate him as to how you’d like to see him behave your home.

A common mistake new pet parents make when they bring their puppy home is to give them too much freedom too soon. Remember, being in his crate is a source of great security and safety for your new golden. He loves to sleep there to find a quiet place to escape, and it can be used for potty training your puppy, as he doesn’t like to sleep where he’s soiled.

Welcoming Home Crate Time

Remember that young puppies should not be in the crate more than a couple of hours at a time, except during nighttime hours.

Guidelines for Age:
8 – 11 weeks of age – No More than 3 hours
12 – 16 weeks – No More than 4 hours

It is recommended that after 16 weeks the pup should spend no more than 4 hours during the day in the crate. We recommend a dog walker or neighbor to come over and play and spend time with your Golden if longer hours are required.

Welcoming Home Boundaries

You can also close off doors into rooms where he doesn’t need to be when you first bring him home. Let him earn that right through good behavior. Baby gates across open doorways is another way to manage where you want him to be until he gets more accustomed to living in his new home. While he’s learning, you might consider utilizing an ex-pen/crate set up as well to create a playpen area for when you are not actively engaged with him. They are what we use here at Wisteria Goldens for while raising our English Cream Goldens puppies. You can see our set up here: Puppies & Ex-pens

Just like our human children, puppies need guidelines, boundaries, and consistency so they know what is expected of them and how to behave appropriately. No one enjoys being around an untrained and ill-mannered dog. By limiting his freedom and expanding his territory as he becomes trustworthy helps to build his confidence and set him up for success in being a part of your family.

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Dog Bath Guide

 Dog Bath Guide English Cream Golden Retriever Grooming Dog Bath Guide

Bathing Dogs is a discussion I have with our families when I am asked about how to, and how often, to bathe an English Cream Golden Retriever. This Dog Bath Guide isn’t specific to English Cream Golden, however, if you are not an English Cream Golden Retriever owner please consult your veterinarian for specific instructions based on your dog’s breed, health, and coat.

Don’t over bathe. An English Cream Golden Retriever has a coat with layers which (depending on the season) will provide warmth or coolness. Over bathing dries their skin out, damages their cost and causes more shedding. Let’s first discuss coat care.

Dog Bath Guide — Coat Care

I begin with healthy coat care in-between bathing which includes:

Dog Bath Guide — How Often to Bathe an English Cream Golden Retriever

I only bathe them when they start smelling like a dog. Haha. Really only once a month to two months–especially if they are mainly inside and not rolling in the mud or cow pies. The ASPCA suggests bathing “at least once every three months” Read More Here When you are using Coat Care (as outlined above) then bathing isn’t needed as frequently and your dog’s coat and skin are healthy.

Dog Bath Guide — Conclusion Summary

Collectively the suggestions and my routine are:

  • Bathe your Golden every 6-12 weeks using quality dog shampoo.
  • Follow the coat care routine to remove debris from coats and aid in distributing your dog’s natural skin oils, and
  • Use Fresh Mist if you want to freshen up in-between bathing.

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Teething Puppy Training Guide

teething puppyPuppies are born without teeth. Their baby teeth will gradually come in, they will gradually lose them as their permanent teeth come in. Similar to a human baby but, the process takes a bit less time. The timeline varies.

At Wisteria Goldens our puppies go to their forever homes at 8 weeks old. They will, generally speaking, still be going through the baby teeth process at that time and for a few to several months off and on.

Teething Puppy Training Overview

While puppies are getting their baby teeth and/or their permanent adult teeth they will experience discomfort and a bit of irritability. They will exhibit increasing chewing time; will often test various toys (different firmness and textures) to find the best relief (which may change day by day depending on the stage of teething she is experiencing). She will often appreciate suitable chew treats, if you make them available, to assist her in reducing the discomfort.

Teething Nipping and Biting Puppy Training GuideTeething Puppy Training Treats

We recommend the following Training Treats/Chew Bones

Buffalo sticks, porky puffs, and a supply of Food.

This is a link to the gift basket shown at the top of the page.

Although it has become popular we recommend no rawhide be used as a chew toy or teething relief treat. These have a high choking risk even if you are supervising. They are high in fat and become slippery when wet giving your puppy less control over chewing and swallowing.

Teething Nipping and Biting Puppy Training GuideTeething Puppy Training Veterinary Visits

In addition to appropriate toys, chew treats, and specific timeline of the teething process for the breed of your puppy, be sure to have your puppy’s teeth checked each time she visits the vet. Preventative and Early Signs of problems will give you a head start and prevent problems in chewing and complete oral health in adulthood.

Teething Puppy Training Toys Should Be Toys

It is important to incorporate the tips included our Basic Training series “Nipping and Biting Puppy Training Guide” in the “Toys Should Be Toys” section as well.

Teething Nipping and Biting Puppy Training GuideTeething Puppy Training Checklist


Do make sure each toy you provide is safe and treats are healthy

Do educate yourself on the timeline for the whole process regarding teething

Do include teeth examinations with your routine veterinary appointments

Do praise and reward your puppy for chewing on the items you provide for chewing


Don’t give a puppy anything he or she would not be able to maintain chewing and swallowing control (rawhide gets slippery for example), and

Don’t give your puppy old shoes or old socks because your puppy cannot tell the difference between an old sock or a new one, an old shoe or your favorite new (or broken in just right) shoe.

Puppy Training Series

Nipping and Biting Puppy Training Guide

Guide To Fear Puppy Training

Dog Gifts

Dog GiftsDog Gifts and Gifts for Dog Owners

When you are shopping for Dog Gifts, be sure to explore these ideas. We have gathered resources from a variety of our favorites (blog posts) to give you a quick review of our recommendations over the past few years.

Dog Gifts

Gift Sets

We have a favorite gift set for our dogs and during the holidays it is a favorite with our families as well. The special Holiday sets do sell out quick. However, Dog Gifts are available year round.

Food Treats

Treats are always welcome. We highly discourage table scraps or treats that aren’t healthy (unregulated and questionable ingredients) so we recommend Healthy Treats here.


Thinking about toys for dogs should include construction, materials used, durability, and of course, the dog must love them. We recently found an organic toy maker who we are going to recommend. Find out more here.


Be sure all dog supplies are a good fit, are durable, well constructed (for comfort and safety) and are suitable for the age and size of the dog. This topic could be expanded into a full article.  In brief, explore customer ratings and concerns. If you would like assistance ask us for information about specific items you are shopping for.


Ramps, crates, and other equipment options need to be well constructed and safe. This could be a full article as well.

Themed Dog Gifts

Themed Gift Ideas are available in many categories. Some of the favorite Dog Gifts are dog themed coffee mugs, blankets, and apparel. Explore the items for quality materials and read other customer’s reviews before buying. In apparel be sure to check customer’s ratings of the sizing. This will allow you to determine if an item’s size runs right, or smaller/larger than normal. This link takes you to a larger selection.

You may also enjoy our Pet Safe Home Guide