Ike & Rocco (Holly/Thor)

Ike & Rocco (Holly/Thor)

LOVE THEM!!!  Beyond expectations, they are an absolute joy;)  Ike (black boy) makes my day every morning when he greets me when I take him out of his crate, we have our morning cuddles and then start our day.  I’ve owned my townhouse for 2 plus years but I’ve never met more neighbors than when I’m out with him and he loves every minute of it, he’s a neighborhood favorite!!  Rocco (red boy, Caroline’s pup) is completely hilarious, your description was perfect, he’s the first to greet you when you come in the door and although he has a ton of energy he loves his cuddles as well.  They have brought a ton of joy to our family, we had quite the party when they came home and they came off the flight like champs!

Thank you again for raising such wonderful pups, our family is lucky to have them!
E & C

ike rocco

CJ (Violet/Harley)

CJ (Violet/Harley)

Red Boy (Born: 01-23-2013) Just a quick note to let you know how well CJ is doing.  He is now a certified Service Dog.  I have severe PTSD and he goes about everywhere with me.  He goes to the VA with me to work daily and enjoys himself so much.  He also is able toContinue Reading


So happy with our little girl Charli (“purple girl”)! Tru & Ego would be proud. Thank you Wisteria Goldens!

Sebastian (Harmony/Ego)

Sebastian is doing terrific. He has settled in and is very comfortable in his new home. We are working on his commands and he is doing very well. He follows us everywhere,  but prefers that we are in the same room so he can be with both of us at the same time. He isContinue Reading

We are ADORING this sweet boy.

We are ADORING this sweet boy. He is so well behaved and the kids (and us) are madly in love. The below picture of he and our youngest looking out our bedroom window. It’s his favorite thing to do.. especially at night Hope all is well. Thanks so much – CJ


Just wanted to send you an update on Hugo. Well, he’s been with us a week  today and he is doing fantastic! The potty training has been super successful. Not one single accident in the house!!! He has slept through the night in his crate since the first night we brought him home. Yay! WeContinue Reading