Our new boy, Scout. Our “baby polar bear”…




Gus (Tru/Ego)

Pic of Gus! He’s almost a year old! Son of Ego & Tru. He’s such a good boy!

Zoey (Thor/Violet)

Thor and Violet’s pup Zoey is 2 years old today

Midas & Molly

Midas and Molly waiting for a walk. Midas is now 3 and Molly is 2.

Sebastian (Harmony/Ego)

Sebastian is doing terrific. He has settled in and is very comfortable in his new home. We are working on his commands and he is doing very well. He follows us everywhere,  but prefers that we are in the same room so he can be with both of us at the same time. He isContinue Reading

We are ADORING this sweet boy.

We are ADORING this sweet boy. He is so well behaved and the kids (and us) are madly in love. The below picture of he and our youngest looking out our bedroom window. It’s his favorite thing to do.. especially at night Hope all is well. Thanks so much – CJ


Just wanted to send you an update on Hugo. Well, he’s been with us a week  today and he is doing fantastic! The potty training has been super successful. Not one single accident in the house!!! He has slept through the night in his crate since the first night we brought him home. Yay! WeContinue Reading

The Truth About Spaying and Neutering

The controversy on the health impact of spaying or neutering your dog continues.  We shared an article on spay/neutering and how it may increase the probability of developing structural and joint health issues. Here is a video created by Dr. Becker of Healthy Pets shares her experience of spay/neutering and the health issues she hasContinue Reading

HELP! My English Cream Golden Retriever’s Barking and Whining is Out of Control

Dog barking can be very irritating, especially to your neighbors.  Barking comes naturally to dogs and the police agree that a barking dog is a wonderful deterrent. Some dog owners just ignore the barking; this does not work for the neighbors, so another solution has to be found. It would be a horrible thing toContinue Reading

WARNING: To Microchip Your English Cream Golden Retriever Dog or Not?

Even with our ultimate, very best efforts, sometimes our dogs get out and become lost. Micro-chipping your dog is one of the very best ways to bring him home safely again. A microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of a dog, cat, horse, parrot or other animal. The chip, aboutContinue Reading