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Finn (Sailor/Ego)


Finn Sailor/Ego Wisteria Golden puppy update English Cream Golden Retriever puppy update Happy FamiliesFinn, nearly 4 months now, thoroughly enjoys his time at our lake home and is especially fond of boat rides. He's learning to fish and as you can see here, he's quite an attentive student.

Finn (Sailor/Ego)2018-11-07T05:04:54+00:00

Finn (Piper/Ego)


Finn English Cream Golden Retriever puppy update happy families Wisteria Goldens
From when we first picked him up in Dallas 3weeks ago, Finn has proven to be a wonderful addition to our family. He has tremendous personality and is a quick learner. Finn is a superstar in the crate at night ( thanks to all at Wisteria who started that process). He has done very well learning “sit” and “down”, knows the word “outside”, and is coming along nicely with leash walking. Finn loves to play outside (although he's a little too interested in mulch) and he's now starting to go to the back door to signal he needs to go potty. We look forward to his continued growing, learning, love, and friendship.

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Golden Retriever Beds We Recommend at Wisteria Goldens


Golden Retriever Beds we Recommend

Kuranda Beds are Wisteria Goldens recommended choice for our English Cream Golden Retriever families because we love Kuranda Bed and so do our puppies and dogs. They are wonderful to teach the commands up and off with puppies and they all love to pile up on them. Our older dogs love them to be up off the ground too. So we recommend the beds every time we sell a puppy.

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Abby (Piper/Ego)


We received this collection of photographs of Abby (Piper/Ego) and her Happy  Family!

Abby Piper-Ego English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Happy Families Wisteria Goldens Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Puppy Updates from Wisteria Goldens.

Abby (Piper/Ego)

You're sure to enjoy following Abby and her Happy Family through their day as much as we have.

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Finn (Sailor/Ego)


Finn english cream golden retriever, english cream golden retriever puppies, English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Happy Families Wisteria Goldens Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Puppy Updates from Wisteria Goldens Families., Happy Families, wisteria goldens testimonialFinn is just the sweetest boy ever! We couldn't be more thrilled with him. He is quickly adjusting to city life and has already become acquainted with many of the city dogs and their humans in the neighborhood and, in fact, has become a local puppy celebrity. After just a week, we literally have people stopping us on the street and in our building lobby to say “oh, this must be Finn, we've heard about him”. He is quite the little charmer. He's very eager to learn and is doing really well with “sit”, […]

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Rocco (Holly/Thor)


english cream golden retriever puppies happy families Rocco (Holly/Thor) wisteria goldens puppy updatesRocco is 4 years old and a 96 pound lap dog! A great combination of a lot of love and a little fresh😈

Rocco (Holly/Thor)2018-07-26T10:58:23+00:00

Butters (Sailor/Ego)


English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Happy Families Showcase

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Happy Family Showcase ButtersI love taking naps!

Submit your Update English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Happy Families Here

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Previous Puppies Litter Mate Discussion


Welcome to our Previous Puppies Litter Mate Discussion. If you are looking for Our Previous Puppies Photo Gallery click here.

Our Previous Puppies Litter Mate page is A Discussion for Wisteria Goldens Families to connect with other families and find families of their puppy's littermate. Leave a comment below to join the discussion.

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When you Enter your puppy’s information, be sure to provide the following: Name (mother/father) 00/00/0000 (month/day/year).

Check back for replies to connect and share.

Join in the fun! Our Wisteria Goldens Families are sharing pictures and updates about their puppies. Some have even found Litter Mates to share photos with.

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