Puppies and Ex-Pens

An ex-pen is commonly called an exercise pen or dog/puppy playpen. We utilize ex-pens a lot when raising puppies. They are “play pens” that are a protected area to put the puppy in when you are not available to watch them.

Connect crates and  puppies ex-pens

We attach one end of the ex-pen to a wire crate, which creates an area for play and sleep.

Here are pictures of our set up:


We love security!

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Ways to Use Puppies Ex-Pen

Check your ex-pen for suggested uses and ensure they are appropriate for indoor and/or outdoor use.

  • Unsupervised times when you are not watching your puppy.
  • Socialization to introduce your puppy to a new environment.
  • Rest time
  • Create a connected set of crates and pens for added space within the pen boundaries.

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