Homemade Dog Food Pros and Cons

Dr Jane of The Dr Jane Foundation explores the pros and cons of homemade dog food. We are all seeking one common goal. We want our pet to be healthy. In our search to ensure a holistic approach to health for our dogs due to an increase in dog food recalls, veterinary diet recommendations, symptoms of food allergies, and so on, we have discovered we have two choices. Homemade Dog Food or find a consistently high quality dog food manufacturer.

The Inside Scoop On Homemade Pet Food Dr Jane Commentary

The Inside Scoop on Homemade Dogfood

Homemade Dog Food Pros and Cons — Concerns

Over the years several of the most prestigious dog food makers have delivered foods which were recalled due to contamination issues. Of all the recalls there were two key elements which we have never found true for the food we buy.

  1. The food wasn’t shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer.
  2. The food wasn’t monitored for quality assurance at a level consistent with the production of food for people to consume.

Homemade Dog Food Pros and Cons — Shipping

The food we use has both direct shipment (no middle man, warehouse, or other areas where cross contamination often happens). The food we use is monitored for quality by the USDA standards for food consumed by people. Life’s Abundance understands our pets are family members. We want safe food for our children, our dogs, and ourselves.

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