Appointments Puppy Training

Training PlaytimeYour puppy’s veterinary doctor, groomer, dog trainer, family members, and sometimes even complete strangers play an important role in your puppy’s life. It is important to prepare him to be self confident, polite, sociable, cooperative, and accepting of the activities which are part of the process for each encounter.

When he feels confident it is all wonderful, with each interaction, engagement, and activity, he will love it all, because you have prepared him beforehand. He will enjoy himself and will not cause you embarrassment or cause struggles for his providers.

Appointments Puppy Training  Preparation

The basic elements of socialization training have been started while your puppy is still here at Wisteria Goldens Ranch. You will want to continue the training and build onto the socialization training we have begun. To do this be sure you are touching and playing with your puppy’s ears, feet, tail, tummy, looking into his mouth, and using the following tips to train your puppy to cooperate.

The more comfortable and familiar a puppy is with being handled and played with the more comfortable he will be when the vet or groomer is handling him. While you are touching and playing with him practice some of the behaviors you will expect from him while he is at his appointments. Using the communication you have practiced together will help him to respond well in each situation.

Appointments Puppy Training Communication

Puppy Training SeriesDrop it

Give the command “drop it” when you want your puppy to let go of something. Drop it is a command she needs to learn so you can communicate when she should let go of something. One way to teach this command is to offer a treat or toy in exchange for the item you want her to let go of. She will drop it to take the offered item.

Puppy Training SeriesStay

Give the command “stay” when you want your puppy to be as still as possible. This will be helpful when the groomer is working or his doctor is doing an examination. You can play using this command and touch and play with her feet, tummy, and look in her mouth.

Patience Practice and Treats

Practicing the procedures of an appointment is another aspect of socialization training which often takes time and patience. If you aren't familiar with your groomer’s routine you might want to ask to watch a session or ask for literature to study. This will give you the information you’ll need to play practice the procedures at home.

Play practice and provide treats when you puppy cooperates and responds to gentle commands. Praise him for each new step in the process he learns.

Puppy Training Series

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