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Mollie & Kane (01-13-2012)

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Hope & Kane (01-24-2012)

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Tru & Thor (03-22-2012)

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Zoey & Harley (07-28-2012)

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Nico & Thor (11-09-2012)

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Tru & Ego (12-16-2012)

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Billy & Debbie Franklin have been married for over 25 years! We are city girl meets country boy and living happily ever after! We live in the “boonies” in Arkansas, with our numerous English Golden Retrievers, Mr. Tom Cat, cattle, and horses.

We have filled our home with “furry” children, since our human ones had the audacity to grow up into amazing young adults, move out, and begin taking responsibility for their own lives!

More about us ...

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