Is My English Golden Retriever Overweight?

As with people there are lots of health issues with allowing our dogs to become overweight.  Maintaining good weight is important for your pet’s heart health, as well as their joints and hips, especially in any large breed dog, such as the Golden Retriever.  What is the ideal weight?  That depends on the individual dog.  Here is a chart to give you some guidelines on what to look for in helping to maintain a good weight for your Golden.   A VISUAL WEIGHT CHART

I also want to share a video with some great information from Dr. Sarah with “Pet Talk.” She walks you through what to look for to determine if your Golden is overweight, as well as giving you tips for a weight loss program.  She discusses food, exercise, as well as the importance of family involvement.

High quality dog food is very important for the growth and development of your puppy.  But, proper nutrition is important at any age for a long and healthy life of your dog.

Grocery story brand foods, use lots of fillers, which “fill” your dog up, but do not provide any nutrition benefits.  It also makes for more waste to clean up in your yard. Plus, you have higher quantity of feeding requirements per meal in order to increase any nutritional value.

Higher quality dog food, does cost more in price, but in the long run it is cheaper. Providing better nutrition keeps your dog healthier, which means less vet costs. Higher quality food also means you feed less per feeding, due to the greater nutritional value you are provding and there is less clean up!

If you feel your dog is underweight or overweight, talk to your vet about what your pet’s ideal weight should be and develop a plan to get there.