At Wisteria Goldens you’ll find English Cream Golden Retrievers romping, swimming, and playing all day!

Wisteria Goldens focuses on raising quality and healthy English Golden Retrievers. We have had Golden Retrievers for many years, but found and fell in love with the English Cream Golden Retrievers in 2004.

On our website you will find information about us as Golden Retriever Breeders, pictures of our adult English Cream Golden Retrievers, current litter of English Cream Golden Retriever puppies and their availability, upcoming anticipated litters, our contract and guarantee, information for new owners, and how to contact us for purchasing your own Wisteria Golden English Cream Golden Retriever puppy!

Current & Upcoming Litters

Current Litters

We have no current litters available at this time. Visit our Available Puppies page for Upcoming and Planned Litters.

Upcoming Litters

These are our expected upcoming litters and placement we have for deposits. Please note: These are estimated due dates. We will be confirming their pregnancies. We will note “CONFIRMED” as we do their ultrasounds. All of our girls came into heat at once. While this doesn’t happen often, it does happen. One of the main concerns we have received during these times is “How can you take care of all of them?” We have two full-time employees, my husband and myself, and three children and 5 grandsons that come help when we need them. Each of the litters get group time, as well as individual time. We also hires some children to come and play with puppies after school when we need them.

Aria/Thor – Litter Due 10/23 CONFIRMED Currently we have 1st pick female available and all males are spoken for. Click here for available pictures.
Breeze/Ego – Due 10/30 CONFIRMED Currently we have 2nd pick female and 1st pick male available. Click here for available pictures.
Piper/Ego – Due 11/6 Currently we have 2nd pick female and 1st pick male available.
Jazz /Ego – Due 11/7 Currently we have 1st pick female and 2nd pick male available.
Halo/Ego – Due 11/8 Currently we have 3rd pick female and 3rd pick male available.
Sailor/Ego – Due 11/10 Currently we have 2nd pick female and 1st pick male available.
Angel/Ego – Due 11/14 Currently we have 3rd pick female and 2nd pick male available.

Trained Puppies

Currently we have no trained puppies available.

Tequila — Sold Born 4/13/14 Parents: Holly/Thor, is currently available. Click here for available pictures.

Bay — Sold Born 4/8/14 Parents: Sunny/Ego is currently spoken for. Click here for available pictures.

If you would like to place a deposit on one of the upcoming litters, contact me.

Our puppies come specially “packaged” to include:

Here at Wisteria Goldens we start all our puppies on a routine in order to give them a great foundational start for continued training.

Our English Golden puppies that are 8 weeks and younger have a schedule which includes feeding, crate-time, playtime. Play and training time are done as a group and individually. They are introduced to crate training and should be able to spend most of the night in the crate within the first week after acclimating to their new home. For a detailed look at their schedule click here: Routine/Training Schedule

Our English Golden puppies that are over 8 weeks of age continue their training by entering into our Puppy Academy Program.

Our English Cream Golden Retrievers coats range from pure cream, to a touch of gold, all the way to having “gold dusting” throughout their coat. They are friendly, affectionate, intelligent, and have wonderful calm, mellow personalities. Our English Cream puppies come in a variety of sizes, build, and color – something for everyone! We believe in finding that perfect puppy for you!

All of our adult English Golden Retrievers come with Champion and/or International Champion bloodlines. We have carefully chosen and have also imported many of our adults to be able to provide the best quality puppy for families. We understand and realize that getting a puppy is about adding a family member and that it is an important decision!

Our English Goldens Retrievers are raised as part of our family, until they become part of yours!

Doggy Daze featuring Billy & Sugar from

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Billy & Debbie Franklin have been married for over 25 years! We are city girl meets country boy and living happily ever after! We live in the “boonies” in Arkansas, with our numerous English Cream Golden Retrievers, Mr. Tom Cat, cattle, and horses.

We have filled our home with “furry” children, since our human ones had the audacity to grow up into amazing young adults, move out, and begin taking responsibility for their own lives!

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